10 Of The Best States For Finding Warehouse Jobs

Florida: The Sunshine State’s location, with the Atlantic Ocean to the east, the Caribbean Sea to the south and the Gulf of Mexico to the west turn it into a natural selection for shipping and storage companies. Florida is definitely the location of one of the nation’s busiest commercial ports, the Port of Miami as well as being a place to go for tourists from all over the entire world, along with products continuously being shipped into the state to support its busy service sector. While there are warehouse jobs to be found all around the state, Miami, Orlando and the greater Tampa Bay area offer the most opportunities for job seekers.

Ohio: This Midwestern state is definitely a hub for products being transferred from the eastern seaboard to points west and south. From the days of the Erie Canal through the actual rise of railroads as the chosen method of transport to the nationwide highway system and air cargo transport, The Buckeye State has been a center for logistics, with a few of their towns and cities being among the finest places in the country for all those looking for warehouse jobs. Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dayton, Akron and Columbus are common cities where job seekers interested in employment within the warehousing and logistics sector can find work thanks to Ohio being home to companies including Macy’s, Goodyear and Proctor & Gamble.

Texas: Texas is frequently described as a world unto itself and it is certainly true that the Lone Star State has a culture and a history which set it apart. However, it’s also very much a part of the united states, including the national and local logistics networks, so there are a great many logistics jobs accessible in Texas, with Houston and the state capital, Austin being among the best prospects for those considering warehouse jobs.

Kentucky: Straddling the Midwest and the south, Kentucky offers a pleasurable temperate climate, the particular cultural vibrancy of cities like Louisville and Lexington (which are also the best cities within the state for workers in search of warehouse jobs). The state houses high profile corporations including Brown-Forman, Humana and Yum Brands, along with a host of local and regional companies with warehousing and logistics operations creating possibilities for job seekers.

Michigan: Michigan is known largely for the automobile industry, which does dominate the economy of the state, particularly in the greater Detroit area as well as in the Grand Rapids metropolitan area in western Michigan. Despite what you might have heard about the us auto industry, you will still find many warehouse jobs in Michigan both related to the automotive sector as well as in unrelated industries including agriculture and other manufactured goods. The Detroit/Ann Arbor metro area and Grand Rapids are among the best locations to be if you’re looking for warehouse jobs in Michigan.

Missouri: The central location of Missouri has long made this state a transportation center. Sitting close to the geographic center of the united states and bordered by the Mississippi River, Missouri houses two of the country’s three busiest rail hubs, in Kansas City and St. Louis, both of which are excellent places to look for warehouse jobs.

North Carolina: One of the fastest growing states, North Carolina offers many opportunities to job seekers. Winston-Salem, Raleigh and Asheville are only a few of the cities in the Tarheel State which are great places to look for warehouse jobs. A expanding population and economy have led to a boom in jobs in warehouses and shipping within the state and the trend is projected to carry on for the foreseeable future.

South Carolina: South Carolina is probably not the very first state that you would think about if you were wondering which states are the best places for warehouse jobs, but as it happens, South Carolina is really a major producer of textiles, paper products, machinery and other products which require extensive warehousing and shipping operations – and thus, jobs.

Tennessee: The Volunteer State is home to International Paper, AutoZone along with other major corporations; and that’s just companies in Nashville! Along with Nashville, Chattanooga and Memphis are fantastic places to seek out warehouse jobs.

Utah: Utah’s relatively well educated workforce and growing hi-tech sectors have resulted in a rapid growth in the quantity of warehouse jobs available in the state, particularly in Salt Lake City; the state also offers some spectacular natural parks along with a low unemployment rate.

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